Availiable Report

Name of the Deliverable

D1.1 State of the art technologies and applications for biofuels

D1.2 Review of public-private partnerships framework

D1.3 Review of good practices in waste managemet/biofuels production

D1.4 New markets and business opportunities in biofuels


D2.1 Results of Hydrotreating catalyst evaluation


D2.2 Results of used cooking oil and biofuel analysis

D2.3 Analysis of hydrogen production


D2.4 Design of a hydrotreating unit


D2.5 Design of a Solar Hydrogen Production Unit


D3.1 Status of waste management in Thessaloniki as regards primary fuel feedstock for 2nd generation biofuels


D3.2 Review paper on the consultation with local actors and stakeholders


D3.3 Review paper on networking activities


D4.1 Initial pilot results (collection of primary feedstock, fuel processing)


D4.2 Final pilot results (collection of primary feedstock, fuel processing and solar hydrogen production)


D5.1 Results of pilot testing of the biofuel


D5.2 Results of on-road testing of the biofuel


D6.1  Sustainability analysis


D7.1 Project website


D7.2 Project dissemination plan


D7.3 1st Project Dissemination Event


D7.4 2nd Project Dissemination Event


D7.5 Project publications


D7.6 Exploitation Plan


D7.7 After-LIFE Communication Plan


D8.1 Project Quality and Management Plan

D8.2 List of similar projects


D8.3 Report on collaboration results with other projects