This project is targeted towards reducing CO2 emissions, thus towards stabilizing the primary cause of climate change. The main premise of this project is to produce 2nd generation biofuels using recycle used cooking oil as main feedstock. Furthermore, this project aims to promote recycling used cooking oil from restaurants and residences instead of disposing them via the sewerage. This project is both an innovation and demonstration project.

The innovation character of the project is based on the technology for producing the 2nd generation biofuels. This technology is based on hydrotreating used cooking oil utilizing renewable hydrogen. The utilization of renewable hydrogen is the innovative stage of this production process, which enables hydrotreatment of used vegetable oil as a sustainable and economically feasible biofuels production pathway.

The produced 2nd generation biofuels will be employed by a designated garbage truck of the municipality of Thessaloniki for demonstrating both the benefits of using biofuels for transportation and of recycling used cooking oil.