Coordinating beneficiary

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)


The Centre of Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) was established in March 2000, with the mission to carry out basic and applied research, emphasizing the exploitation of research results and development of new products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. CERTH organization consists of six institutes of various research directions including the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI). Together with its 8 laboratories CPERI has offered significant contribution to the energy and environment sectors including the environmental fuels and biofuels. In the BIOFUELS-2G project, two of these laboratories participate: the Laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons (LEFH) and the Laboratory of Process Systems Design and Implementation (PSDI). Since its establishment LEFH has participated in numerous competitive European and National projects, and has developed technology of quality control of catalytic processes producing conventional fuels and biofuels, while it offers analytical services for the quality control of fuels. PSDIs activities include the design and construction of complex process systems, new power generation systems, fuel cells, and energy and fuels production from renewable energy sources.  Furtheremore PSDI is active in modeling, control and optimization of systems and processes, development of thermochemical and catalytic processes for energy, Biomass-To-Liquid IBTL) processes and hydrogen production from Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

Associated beneficiaries

Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) is the largest Greek university. The main campus is located downtown and extending over an area of ​​approximately 430.000 m2.  AUTh includes 7 schools, which are composed of 33 departments, 5 one-department schools and 4 independent sections. In AUTH study more than 81,500 undergraduate and graduate students and work 2,150 Faculty Members. In the BIOFUELS-2G project, the laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT) of the Mechanical Engineering Department participates. LAT/AUTh is an established specialist laboratory in internal combustion engines, fuels, vehicle exhaust emissions and after-treatment technology. LAT/AUTh was involved in extensive measurement programs regarding the effect of biodiesel and other biofuels on pollutant emissions (regulated and non-regulated), fuel consumption, engine operation and durability.


Municipality of Thessaloniki

The Municipality of Thessaloniki is the main public stakeholder representing the local authority for the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. It aims to the development of the city of Thessaloniki in several levels referring to civil, technical and cultural matters, through the provision of services, the coordination of the public instruments, the solution of the city’s problems and the general supervision of the law implementation. Its targets include the prevention of the environmental pollution and therefore has taken action in the recycling processes, the cleaning treatment of the Thermaikos Gulf sea water, the development of a Network for Gas Pollution Control, the development of green areas, the sensitization of the public for environmental matters, the promotion of climate change protection measures, according to the EU legislation and directives, etc. In the BIOFUELS-2G project the Administration of Cleaning of the Municipality of Thessaloniki is participating.


Associaton of Restaurant Owners of Thessaloniki

The Association of restaurants owners of Thessaloniki is a non-commercial organization aiming to allow communication and networking between its members. The association has a total of 270 members. The Association participates in the BIOFUELS-2G project by mobilizing 23 of its restaurants for the collection of waste cooking oil.

Collaborating restaurants


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